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Niacin Max Review – Where to Buy in the UK?

Niacin Max is an extremely unique new product that only recently has hit the market. It’s basically a strength and energy supplement that was designed to help you get better gains at the gym, in addition to other things.

It helps to accomplish this by increasing oxygen flow by up to 50%, and by supercharging HGH levels by over 600%, according to a quote on the official product website…

“NEW scientifically formulated, bio-structured niacin increases oxygen flow up to 50% and supercharges HGH levels by over 600%.”

But what’s so different about Niacin Max, and what makes it so effective?

What’s different about Niacin Max?

NiacinMax boxWhen we started looking into this product, we were legitimately surprised by what we found. Not only did it look like it had the potential to be extremely powerful, but it also worked completely differently from most other strength-building supplements on the market today.

The biggest difference is that it actually comes in strips, not in capsules. These thin strips are made to dissolve right in your mouth, which helps you to absorb more of the nutrients in it at a faster rate.

When capsules enter your stomach, a lot of the nutrients inside of them actually get destroyed. But Niacin Max helps to avoid this by avoiding the stomach altogether! Since the strips never hit your stomach and just dissolve in your mouth, you’ll find that they have the potential to be absorbed much faster and without such a margin for error.

This makes NiacinMax a lot more potent than most other supplements.

What’s in it?

Niacin Max consists mainly of one prime ingredient – Niacin.

Niacin, also known as nicotinic acid, is a form of vitamin B3. This is the vitamin that helps to convert carbs, protein, and fat into energy. To put it very simply, it uses these tools (carbs, fats, and proteins) to create energy for your body – which is why it is almost always included in strength-building supplements.

We’ve never really seen a supplement designed to maximize this effect using only Niacin, however – until Niacin Max hit the market.

Niacin performs a number of other functions within the body. It…

  • Helps to oxygenize the body
  • Improves circulation
  • Helps to create more red blood cells
  • Helps to protect cells from being damaged by free radicals
  • Removes fat from the bloodstream
  • Helps to lower blood pressure

…and many other things as well.

What exactly does NiacinMax do?

NiacinMax was designed to do a few different things. First of all, it’s supposed to improve oxygen circulation and increase blood flow. Secondly, it’s supposed to boost your red blood cell count. It’s also supposed to protect your blood cells, and helps to increase levels of HGH in the body.

It’s also supposed to help you recover from workouts, and to help repair cell damage.

So what does all of this add up to? To put it simply, NiacinMax is going to help you with energy, with literal muscle gains, with focus, and with concentration. It will allow you to train at a higher intensity, and keep it up for longer.

Is it safe?

We did quite a bit of research about this product (as we always do), and in doing so, we looked at it from several different angles – but we’re always concerned with safety, so that was one of the first things we looked into.

First of all, Niacin itself is not only safe, but extremely beneficial. Each strip of NiacinMax packs in about 75mg of Niacin, which falls within perfectly safe ranges. Plus, these products are all made with 100% pure ingredients, and are created from pharmaceutical-grade materials. They’re also produced in facilities that utilize CE approved manufacturing processes and equipment.

In addition to this, the official website also provides this information in the FAQ section…

“NiacinMax was developed by a prominent European bioscience laboratory and has undergone extensive in vivo testing to guarantee its safety.”

According to the company, NiacinMax can cause Niacin Flush – which is a mild side effect in which the skin reddens slightly and the expanding of the blood vessels causes a tingling sensation. The side effect isn’t dangerous – and is actually a sign that the supplement is doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing.

With all of that being said, our conclusion is that this is definitely a safe product. We don’t believe that you’ll have to worry about anything in terms of safety should you choose to give NiacinMax a try.

Does NiacinMax Work?

This is perhaps the most important question to ask – and here’s what we have to say about it.

First of all, keep in mind that this is a pretty new product. It only recently has hit the market, and hasn’t been used by very many people as of yet. This means that there aren’t many customer reviews out yet – so in determining whether or not NiacinMax may work, we looked at two things.

First of all, we looked at the main ingredient – Niacin. Niacin has been clinically tested to an extensive degree. It has been pretty thoroughly documented, and has a lot of evidence to back it up. This made us feel pretty good about NiacinMax, since it’s basically delivering a super-charged dose of Niacin to your body to achieve the desired effects.

But the second thing that we looked at was the formulation—and in this case, that included the delivery method. A dissolving mouth strip offers more in terms of benefits than people might expect. Capsules deliver the ingredients to the stomach, where some of them are absorbed – but many are destroyed.

But this delivery method, in bypassing the normal capsule ‘stomach’ path, gets around this downside altogether.

Taking both of these things into account, our official answer to the question of ‘Does it work?’ is as follows…

Obviously, every human body is different – so there’s no way to know for sure if NiacinMax is going to work for everyone.

But as far as we can tell, this supplement has a very good chance of working for the vast majority of users – and with everything that we’ve looked at, we would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a supplement that could help them to perform better – either at the job, at the gym, or anywhere they might need it.

Order NiacinMax

The company

NiacinMax is supplied and manufactured by a company called Wolfson Berg Limited. They’re a trusted pharmaceutical company that’s been doing business for over a decade.

Here’s a little blub about what they do that we found on the official company website…

“All our supplements are scientifically crafted from pure pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and manufactured in FDA-approved facilities.”

We’ve seen quite a few supplements that were manufactured by this company, and we have yet to see much of a problem with any of them. So far, Wolfson Berg Limited has had a good reputation… and NiacinMax certainly seems to carry on with this tradition.

How much does it cost?

You can buy NiacinMax in the following quantities…

  • You can get 30 strips for £29.99
  • You can get 90 strips for £59.98
  • You can get 150 strips for £89.97

NiacinMax also offers an outstanding 67 day money back guarantee on any purchases – which is an excellent addition to an already good deal that they offer on their strips in terms of price. With this satisfaction guarantee, you can return the product for a full refund (minus shipping charges) within 67 days for pretty much any reason – which qualifies this as a full-fledged ‘no risk’ purchase.

They also offer free shipping on all packages, which is another awesome feature!

Our final thoughts

In the end, we loved this product – for a lot of reasons. We love that it’s made from Niacin, we love that it’s delivered with a dissolving tongue strip, we love that it comes with a 67 day satisfaction guarantee, and we love the fact that it ships for free.

With that being said, we would enthusiastically recommend NiacinMax to anyone interested in a sports performance supplement – especially if that person wanted something that was both natural and clinically tested. It’s safe, made from all-legal products, and operates much more efficiently than typical capsules.

Pros and Cons


  • Made from clinically-tested Niacin
  • Dissolves in the mouth for maximum bioavailability
  • Comes with a 67 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Ships for free
  • Created by a trusted company that takes safety very seriously


  • Can cause mild Niacin flush (which actually isn’t even a negative side effect – just a sign that the Niacin is working)
  • The price point is a bit high on the smaller packages
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