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Niacin Max: The Science and Evidence

NiacinMax boxNiacin Max makes some pretty bold claims about their supplement – and in this article, we’re going to talk about whether or not these claims are actually founded in fact.

Does Niacin Max do what it claims to do?

Here is what we found out.

Do the tongue dissolving strips actually work better than tablets or pills?

This is maybe the most complicated question regarding Niacin Max, but we have done a lot of research to answer it – and our official conclusion is that the dissolving strips do pose an advantage over pills and tablets.

To put it very, very simply, here is what we found out.

First of all, the matter of digestion, absorption, and whether or not these can be impeded by how the stomach works is a complicated issue. Niacin Max explains this very briefly on their website, but we will admit that their explanation is very brief and doesn’t cover everything. The fact of the matter is that every stomach is different, so capsules, pills, and tablets will all tend to work differently for different people.

But, because the stomach acids can only work on the surface area of the material that it is attempting to break down, it is very possible that the nutrients within the tablet, capsule, or pill could end up being excreted before they are absorbed. This isn’t always the case, but this is the general problem that NiacinMax is trying to solve by making their supplement with dissolving mouth strips.

Does Niacin Max really supercharge your natural levels of Human Growth Hormone by over 600%?

This was another claim that we wanted to examine, just because it seems so extreme. But this ended up being a pretty simple thing to confirm – and it seems that NiacinMax definitely deserves to make the claim, based on the evidence that we could find – though we will also admit that the claim doesn’t necessarily come fully-explained on their website (unless you visit their evidence links, which are provided on-site).

What people don’t realize is that the right types of exercise alone (like weight training) can actually increase levels of HGH in the body by fairly significant levels. And when you combine this with supplemented Niacin (vitamin B3), it is a simple matter to see a pretty substantial increase in HGH.

The actual percentages are a bit difficult to confirm on a technical level, because in scientific terminology the levels of HGH in the body are generally described with complicated measurements, and these are difficult to explain with brevity… but the basic premise of this idea is certainly verifiable. Niacin, along with exercise, will help to boost HGH levels by a substantial margin, according to many scientific studies.

Niacin Max increases oxygen flow more than any other supplement

This is a statement that we found on the page ‘The Benefits’, on the official NiacinMax website.

This is probably the most difficult statement to verify on the NiacinMax website, because it would technically requite us to look into the scientific evidence for every other Niacin supplement on the market – as well as any other supplement that could potentially increase oxygen flow – which would take a long time. Plus, the data that would allow us to actually compare NiacinMax to other supplements simply doesn’t exist – as not every supplement has been individually tested.

But, we can examine the statement and apply it to what we already know.

NiacinMax revises the statement a bit further down the page. Here’s what they say the second time…

“NiacinMax’s biostructured niacin and direct to cell delivery increases blood flow more than any other legal substance. You won’t find a better, more potent niacin product anywhere else.”

This narrows the field a bit, and sort of re-presents the statement as one that just compares NiacinMax to other legal niacin supplement products.

Admittedly, this jargon seems a bit salesy, and (dare we say it), perhaps a bit gimmicky – but the facts are still the facts, and it looks like NiacinMax is at least a very formidable supplement for the purposes of oxygen flow (at least to a point).

First of all, Niacin Max is delivered with an oral dissolving strip, not a pill or tablet. Since we have really already concluded that such a delivery method is, as a general rule, more effective than a tablet or pill, we can suppose (not technically, but for argument’s sake) that NiacinMax is at least more efficient (in theory) than those other delivery methods.

And as far as a Niacin supplement is concerned, this would make it extremely competitive with all but other oral dissolving-strip delivery systems.

But NiacinMax seems to be the only dissolving strip on the market that specifically focuses on delivering Niacin to the body… which is probably why NiacinMax makes such a statement on their website.

Once again, you can view the evidence page of the official website for more information – but hopefully, this helps to explain some of the claims and why NiacinMax might, in all fairness, deserve credit where credit is due.

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